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A Disc Journey Update

A Disc Journey Update

I made a visit up to Jack Mattox Park this Wednesday, to practice my disc throw. I would have stayed longer, as it was a gorgeous, sunny day, as my photos will tell you. Sadly, it was also very, very hot and I had left my good workout clothes back at the house. Still, I threw discs.


I had fun, my Innova starter set had a Leopard(6,5,-2,1), an Aviar (2,3,0,1), and a Skeeter (5,5,-1, 1).  I also brought my Katana (13,5,-3,3) as well.

Getting used to the throw and the curve of my throw took most of my time on the course, as each disc played quite differently. I throw boomerangs in my spare time, so I'm used to throwing something in an arc, but a good throw with the Leopard/Katana could make a wide arc, while the Skeeter more or less shoots exactly where I threw it, making me miss because my muscle memory kept throwing me off when I changed discs!

My Katana on the other hand was pretty nice...except if I wasn't careful, it'd come back to me. That's normal with a boomerang, but not so much with a disc in my opinion.

There were several other players on the course, it's fairly popular, but since I was just practicing I stayed out of their way, and didn't exactly follow the baskets in order. I assume there was an order? Didn't see numbers or anything, and I actually missed a few goals because I didn't see them, one even being hidden away in the shade on the other side of the parking lot.

Might even be able to see it in the Panorama image I put in the bottom of this post, but probably not.

But what a lovely park! The disc golf alone was fun, no trees or bushes to lose my discs in for the most part, but the rest of it was great too. Long walking path that goes around, out of the way enough to not be crowded. Looks like I could even bring a bike, according to one sign. I'll probably go back there for a walk later, if I ever tire of coming all the way to the battlefield.

I'm definitely going back to practice again, but preferably in some shorts and a tshirt.


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