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Battlefield Outdoors Now Officially Open!

Battlefield Outdoors Now Officially Open!

Battlefield Outdoors is pleased to reveal that the site is officially open for business! We've had a few "unofficial" first buyers, but we made sure that the people who placed orders while the site was in testing mode had their orders honored! So we definitely know the site works, and now our brick and mortar store can now support not just the greater Chattanooga area, but the entire continental U.S. of A.

There will be a few more growing pains, but only the best kind: We're going to be constantly adding new products, new affordable shipping rates and boxes, and eventually the ability to rent or sign up for kayak shuttling in our local area, right over the internet!

If you find technical problems for the website or have feedback for the website's appearance/layout, please send those to ME, BFOD's resident tech guy, at [email protected] Just not any normal customer service stuff, I am but a novice at boat and bike knowledge, please send those to [email protected] or call (706)841-0040.

It'd be great if you'd sign up as a customer using the "login" on the upper left hand part of the page. We don't send spam, but it makes ordering Kayaks and certain items much easier, and should make returns and tracking shipping easier on you as well.

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