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Battlefield Outdoors (or Indoors) When It Gets Cold

Battlefield Outdoors (or Indoors) When It Gets Cold

The days are getting shorter, the nights colder, and I don't know if you've noticed, but the weather is significantly more wet. I like to think of Fall as being the "Season of Surrender", if you weren't set into your habits by now, this is when you're at the greatest risk of slipping out of regular exercise and outdoor hobbies.
Well, we at BFOD challenge you to keep at it even in cold rain and later snow, and have all the gear you'll need to weather the elements.
For those who remain out on the road, we've got arm and leg warmers, as well as insulated foot covers- your body creates a great amount of heat on a ride, why not use it?
We've also got plenty of slightly aged but still high quality winter clothing, including Marmot dri-clime jackets and hoodies which are basically 100% rainproof while still being lightweight and breathable. The real issue sometimes with a warm raincoat during a jog or a ride is that you start getting too hot, so breath-ability is key.
As it gets dark earlier, those who go on regular rides around the same time each day may want to stop on by and pick up some lights for their bike- it's one of the safest things to do, especially in the twilight hours where visibility becomes a bit tricky. We've plenty of powerful rechargeable LED lights for your front and rear that can keep you and your loved ones safe when riding as the sky darkens. We'll happily charge any bike device before our community ride as well!
Finally, for those who might just stay in doors when it starts coming down, we've got a wide array of trainers and trainer accessories for our store. We currently carry Tacx, but we can also get Sari and CycleOps trainers or rollers in shop with customer demand. We also sell accessories that go well in hand with indoor cycle fitness.
To that end, I've made a Winter Trainer Playlist on Youtube with videos I've found that will help you find the right trainer for you, how to balance on roller, and alternatives to Zwift, as well as a selection of amazing indoor training workout videos in HD/4K.
We're actually thinking of perhaps hosting some indoor spin classes when it gets colder, barring having some mid-day community rides. Sitting in a room cycling in place while watching a video can be boring. Sitting in a room with friends while watching football is amazing!
What do you think? Anything you'd like to see in our shop for winter? Need help getting set up with your own trainer? Let us know!

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