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Fresh from ICAST 2019, News of Kayaks on the Horizon!

ICAST, the world’s largest sportfishing trade show, is the premier showcase for the latest innovations in fishing gear, accessories and apparel, as their website says. It's a common place for the major brands to showcase their latest boats and feats of nautical engineering, and it's in session from 7/10 to 7/13.

Already we've seen the unveiling of some amazing new boats, from Vibe, Feel Free, and 3 Waters!

Vibe Shearwater 125


(Video from HydraYak Outdoors, an independent ATL based Youtube review channel)

Vibe's talking big about their latest boat. “This new fishing kayak doesn’t just change the game, it ends it,” is their words, not mine, and the Shearwater 125 kayak has a lot to back that up.

A theme of ICAST this year seems to be "The year of the trolling motor" with all sorts of new kayaks featuring trolling motor support. The Shearwater is no different, offering pedal, paddle, and trolling motor support for however you want to get around. The rudder is designed to work with motors in particular, and can be covered with a rubber cap to allow for pedal or paddle locomotion as well.

Here's the specs, as per a Reddit thread on Vibe's subreddit.

A transcription of those specs can be found here:

Dimensions and Specs:

Length: 12'6"
Width: 35"
Weight: 72 lbs.
Weight(fully loaded): 92lbs
Capacity: 475 lbs.

  • Seat folds in on itself to serve as a standing perch.
  • Bixby JET motor-ready rudder with rubber end cap for when not using the motor.
  • Power Pole Mount
  • X3 Sealed Access Plates behind seat
  • x4 Top loading gear tracks
  • x4 Flush mount rod holders.
  • x4 2600 series Plano' Tackle Tray slots
  • Vibe Versa Drawer with Cup Holder
  • X4 Horizontal Gunwale Rod Holders
  • Easy to reach Gunwale Standing perch.
  • Noise Cancelling deck padding
  • Stand up assist leash
  • Vibe freeflow rudder control padded foot braces
  • Standard removable electronics pod with transducer mount.
  • Rod Tip protectors.
  • Generous Front Cargo Storage with Flex top cover.
  • X4 vibe phantom grip rubber lined handles.
  • Optional Vibe X-Drive for front slot

Estimated Cost:

MSRP: $1299
X Drive motor: $599
Bundle: $1799

Estimated Release Date: February 2020.

Big Fish 108

(Video from 3 Waters Youtube Channel)

3 Waters had something to show off too, the already teased Big Fish 108.

Big fish 108 features an extensively designed brand new pedal drive. It is a chain drive, and the whole thing lifts out of the boat. This chain drive is cast aluminum, with o-ringed seals and completely water proof. It's built completely sealed into it so you'll never have to worry about replacing the chain and internal bits due to all components being contained.

The boat is wide, and features a Tri-hull like the Feel Free Dorado for extra stability and maneuverability in motion. The boat tracks well when pedaled, and turns easily 8 ball controlled rudder. A spokesperson from 3 Waters estimates roughly 5 MPH on pedal speed.

The bow area is flat for standing on, with an internal hatch with a direct electronics hookup for fish finder. The fish finder can retract and descend easily from within the boat as needed.

The Big Fish 108 features a series of side rails for low seating position, high seating position, with numerous adjustable spots for resting the seat to your comfort. The kayak's seat can be rotated entirely out of the boat for use as a standing bar. It is said to have a scupper of the same type as their Jonny boat.

The rear of the boat offers a healthy sized tank-well, with extra standing space behind the seat, and multiple rod holders. Extra track mounting rails line the rear and front.

It's roughly 100lbs, sits at 10'8" long, 38 inches wide. At full load, looking about 120-130lbs.

The whole shebang costs $1799, all features included.

Moken 12.5 V2

Feel Free themselves are showing off an upgraded Moken 12.5 V2, which has numerous design improvements for stability and ease of use. A high back chair with adjustable positions, adjustable foot holds, and a larger standing platform. The newer version will be around $799.

Newer and better boats roll on out every year, and we're the local hookup for Feel Free, Vibe, and 3 Waters kayaks for the Chattanooga and North Georgia area! We'll do our best to have each of these fine vessels as soon as possible!

Jeremy Stallings - 26 Oct 2019 @ 02:35
We hope to have the Big Fish 108 sometime around December, but we don't have any definite date or time on our order. Looking forward to that one myself as well.

In the meantime we do have the 2020 V2 versions of the Lure 10 and the Moken 12.5 in shop if you're wanting a brand new 2020 boat.
Dustin - 30 Sep 2019 @ 01:28
When will the big fish 108 be for sale?

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