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New Stuff Roundup

New Stuff Roundup

Things we have new in stock here at BFOD:

FeelFree Kayaks's 8-Ball Rudder Steering Upgrade kit for all overdrive compatible Kayaks.


That stupid red handled lever is more function than form, and it's not even great function. The 8-ball however, is timeless class! It's also much easier to use and feels better in the hand. This kit works for Lure II 11.5, 13.5, and the Lure II Tandem.


BooneDox Standard Groovy Landing Gear


The BooneDOX® Landing Gear® is a kayak wheel system utilizing receptacles that permanently attach to the top of your boat - wheels attach, deploy, and retract without having to tip the kayak over on its side. Our Landing Gear uses solid foam wheels, preventing the possibility of ever going flat.

YakGrips accessories from Cascade:


Yakgrips are UV treated soft grips that make holding onto your paddle both easier and less straining on your hands. They exist for take apart paddles, SUPS, and for surf paddles.


Yakuzzi clips from Cascade


An insulated clip on drink holder that clips onto your kayak, onto your kayak's rails, onto your belt, onto your backpack, and for you Disc Golf players: onto your Zuca cart!


New Bikes:

Fuji Traverse 1.5 ST Cross Terrain Hybrid Bicycle Pearl White 15 inch


Pearl White beauty that will take you anywhere. Solid braking, solid traction on road, dirt, and gravel, it'll get you through life's side roads. Perfect for our home state of Georgia, where old country roads and modern city streets meet.

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