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Sena R1 Helmets

Sena R1 Helmets

Sena R1 Smart Helmet

So we've recently got our hands on a a set of Sena R1 Smart Helmets- these helmets do it all: Noggin protection, that premium design that keeps your head cool, etc. But then they do more too- they connect to your phone via bluetooth, and feature cool vibration style speakers built into the helmet that allow you to hear sounds/music/calls/gps directions without covering up your ears! This means you can listen to tunes and still hear your point man call out "car coming from the left!"

Especially if your point man also has a Sena helmet, which lets you talk to each other as if you were wearing high tech spy gear using its built in intercom system.

Other features include listening to radio, and GPS signal for your various fitness devices. 

Here's a video:


 Neat right?

We've actually given these the college try ourselves, with friends and family of BFOD wearing them on our community rides through the local park. Ever since my aunt got a helmet, she wears nothing else for any ride, and I've seen her casually changing her tunes using the on helmet controls. Our rides go for hours too, so the battery life is great given a familial tendency to forget to put things back on the charger.

I've just managed to get them on the site, so feel free to check them out and order one for yourself!


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