Mon-Sat 10:00am - 6:00pm EST

Battlefield Outdoors Bicycle Service and Repair

Got a flat? Do your brakes feel loose, and your gears click like an old projector? Does your bike need an upgrade to the latest and greatest, or do you just need a proper tune up to keep it that way?

  Don't worry, Battlefield Outdoors has got you covered. We were Battlefield Bicycles first, and we've got a professional staff of bicycle mechanics on hand for even the toughest of jobs! Our prices are affordable, we keep a steady supply of parts on hand for a quick turnover, and what we don't have we order directly from the manufacturer.
  Get your service done within the week, if not within the same day for basic repairs and maintenance. E-bikes, mountain, road, BMX and trikes, we do them all. Generally speaking, if it has wheels or you can pedal it, we'll fix it.


We also are a bike shipping and receiving center:

  • We'll box and ship your bike to anywhere
  • We accept shipments from Bikeflights and other services.
  • We will reassemble it for you for a fee.
  • We reuse the shipping boxes from major manufacturers
  • We have our own "cheesewedge" style bike boxes for sale and ship, making reassembly a breeze!
  We are the #1 stop for triathlon cyclists and road aficionados, and if you've seen someone riding the Battlefield in our jersey's you're seeing someone whose been in and out of our service to the point they're family. And odds are, they left you in their dust thanks to our fine tuning.


On Old/Weathered Bikes:



The only extra fee we charge is for particularly worn bikes for anything other than just a tube/tire replacement. If it's mostly rusted or held together primarily with positive thinking, we charge a $30 fee for the extra labor required. Bikes like these will also usually take longer than normal to repair, a week at an absolute minimum, as they take much much more effort to get in working order and are so labor intensive they hold up all other repair orders, so please keep this in mind.

This does not mean "vintage" or well maintained older bicycles, we mean ones with decaying, poorly maintained parts. This charge is at our discretion, and the mechanic will talk with you about any unexpected charge before beginning service.

On Motorized Vehicles:


We reserve the right to refuse service for custom bikes that have added motorized components, electric or gasoline powered. If it requires custom components, or is not part of an established manufacturer that we deal with (I.E. Pedego/Scott/Fuji) we will not service the bike's nontraditional cycling components. Our limits for E-bikes are replacing parts under warranty, by the book part replacement - no soldering, welding, or fuel line adjustment.

In layman's terms, we aren't motorized engine mechanics and we can't service your homemade motorcycle, please seek help elsewhere.  We'd be more than happy to help source parts and find you a proper mechanic, but we refuse liability for any potential gas powered death traps on wheels.



Questions about service? Call us at any time for a quick quote or to reserve a service ticket in advance. Walk-ins are welcome and we do on-the-spot repairs and adjustments before our weekly community rides.


Basic Service Costs:

Basic Tune Up
Ultimate Tune Up
Brake Adjustment
Cable Replacement
Bike Wash
Bike Assembly
Chain Clean and Lube
Packaging and Shipping fee
275.00 (Fee can vary on bike size and shipping material)
Chain Replacement
Handlebar Tape
Used Bike Safety Check /Tune Up
Bicycle Rebuild Fee for Old/Weathered Bikes
30.00 +Added Labor
Complimentary New Bike Service


* The cost of parts needed is not included in the above prices.
** During the repair process, if any parts are found to be defective, we will give you a call for approval before making any repairs.