Staff Picks - Our Favorite Discs

Staff Picks - Our Favorite Discs

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Our Favorite Discs at Battlefield Outdoors

Are you looking to add new, reliable discs to your bag, and step up your game? Here at BFOD, we have played disc golf enough to develop some favorite disc molds, and we will share them with you today. We hope that what you find here will help you choose the next disc to add to your lineup. Below you will find a favorite putter, midrange, fairway driver, and distance driver for each employee, how they fly for us, and what we use it for. Check out these below and look here for all our disc selection!


Set #1

Putter - MVP Soft Electron Proxy: The Proxy is an understable putter that, when spin putting, flies straight for a long time. If you struggle with your putts missing consistently left or right, consider using the Proxy or any other understable putter (Dynamic Discs Deputy). When thrown, the Proxy will 

Midrange - Axiom Neutron Hex: The Hex is an extremely reliable, high glide midrange that goes dead straight at medium/high arm speeds. If thrown with a bit more power, it turns over nicely and comes back with a nice fade. Neutron plastic holds up forever, and feels great in the hand. And the best part is that we have Hexs in stock!

Fairway Driver - Axiom Neutron Virus: Thrown at higher arm speeds, this is a perfect hyzer flip disc. Throw at a hyzer angle, and watch it flip up to flat and even turn a bit - great for shaping tough fairways. Thrown at a slower arm speed, you can expect to see a perfect S-flight, for max distance. A great disc, and we have them in special edition stamps!

Distance Driver - MVP/Axiom Plasma Mayhem: Since the Mayhem is a 13 speed driver, it is meant for more experienced players. A beginner can use this disc, but can expect to see it fade out quickly. If thrown at high arm speeds, especially with a touch of anhyzer, this disc will go flying. It is one of the farthest flying discs to date.


Set #2

Putter - MVP Electron Ion: The Ion is a somewhat overstable putter, and is super grippy in Electron plastic. A great disc for putting/throwing for experts and beginners alike. Goes dead straight with almost no turn if thrown off the tee.

Midrange - Innova Champion Mako3: The Mako3 is an amazing disc. Loved by many, it flies great brand new and even better the more it breaks in. New, it goes dead straight with almost no risk of flipping over, but the longer you throw, you can hyzer flip like crazy. One of our employees has aced with this disc!

Fairway Driver - Prodigy 400 F5: The F5 is a flippy fairway driver built with the beginner in mind. It flies true to the angle you release it at - and can even be used for rollers!

Distance Driver - Prodigy H4 V2 500: The H4 is a hybrid driver - Prodigy's way of describing discs that are not fast enough to be called distance drivers and not slow enough to be called fairway drivers. This disc is a 10 speed, somewhat flippy driver that could be good for those who are looking to add a bit of speed/distance to their game.


Set #3

Putter - MVP Electon Nomad: The Nomad! It's no joke. One of the most popular MVP putters, it flies true and sticks to the basket. This putter is also slightly overstable, so flipping over is no concern. When putt, it hooks reliably so you can predict where it will go.

Midrange - Innova Champion Shark: The Shark is a true classic, and gets a bad wrap because it is sold in the Innova starter kits. When it gets to be a heavier weight, like 175g, it becomes a really reliable disc. Give it a try!

Fairway Driver - Innova DX Viking: The Viking is a classic from Innova, and flies a lot like a Discraft Undertaker. If you want a higher speed fairway driver, this is the one for you. We also have a few Dynamic Discs Escapes in stock, which fly very similarly. The Viking is very reliable and great for intermediate arm speeds.

Distance Driver - Innova Champion Beast: The Beast is a tried and true driver with a lot of turn (for higher arm speeds). At an intermediate/beginner level, the Beast tends to work very well and fly straight, with a fade at the end. This is a 10 speed driver with a turn of -2 and a fade of 2, so it typically gets a very S-shaped flight.


Thanks for following along and learning about our favorite discs! Come into the store or browse all of our discs online, and ask us any questions you might have. Thanks!


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